Zubat post text

You know zubat? The one that always gets in your way in a cave? The reason they do that is because they are flying type, surrounded rock types such as geodudes, and onixes. Their chance of survival is slim. They run up to trainers hoping to be rescued from their hell, by being captured, but instead of being rescued, they are skorned, denied, and refused  If one is lucky, it will be the only one caught in the entire game to be the one to put in the pokedex, after that, the rest are damned to a life of torment for the rest of the game.  After the first one is caught  the only way for one to e captures is the 1/8092 chance of being shiny.  Since this is unlikely  they have to train harder than any other pokemon to survive against the rock types, and to do that, they have to murder their neighbors, their mothers, their brothers, their sisters, their fathers, their best friends, to learn supersonic, and have the small chance of survival.  Their live is full of misery, pain, and suffering, and instead of saving them, we run away from them.






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