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Numerous useful repeatedly used links, logs path list, ColdFusion, Java JVM specifics too! You are gonna love my post. Where is the IIS metabase, How do I tune/troubleshoot?

Java EOL :

ColdFusion EOL:

WordPress Release Dates:

PHP Supported Versions:

PHP Unsupported Branches:




IIS Site log files, the folders in this directory are named W3SVC#IISsiteID#.


IIS 7/IIS 7.5 applicationHost.config


Microsoft Support: The HTTP status code in IIS 7.0, IIS 7.5, and IIS 8.0

When reviewing IIS logs, the field after the response code is the sub response code, which can be identified as seen in the above link.
2013-05-29 14:46:50 POST /clients/001_nwconsole/prods.cfm catId=103&ManufId=1395 80 – Mozilla/5.0+(Windows+NT+6.1;+WOW64)+AppleWebKit/537.36+(KHTML,+like+Gecko)+Chrome/27.0.1453.94+Safari/537.36 400 0 0 36457






Mike Brunt:
Charlie Arehart:
Ben Nadel:
Brent Frye:
Purpose and location of XML configuration files used in ColdFusion MX
All Things JVM And Java Memory Tuning:

Java and JVM:

ON CF9 C:\JRun4\bin

look for hs-pid prefixed files = jvm crash

Adobe ColdFusion Blog: Which JDK is supported with ColdFusion 9, 10, and 11?
Adobe Forums: ColdFusion 9 and Java 8 (short answer is no)
Charlie Arehart: How to identify what jvm.config a ColdFusion instance uses (and vice-versa)
ColdFusion 9 and prior:

ColdFusion 10 and later actually create one for each instance.
Example below is for instance named cfusion, but cfusion can be replaced with any instance name.

JVM Performance/Flags/Get to know me:
Java 1.6
Adobe Devnet: Performance tuning for ColdFusion applications

Java 1.7:
PermSize and MaxPermSize are Valid in this version, but not in the next. Be mindful when migrating/upgrading.
LinkedIn Slideshare: Tuning the Performance of Your ColdFusion Environment to Racecar Specs!
CFWhisperer: 10 Steps To A Stable and Performant Web Application – Step 4
CFWhisperer: Important Oracle Java Virtual Machine Information.
CFWhisperer: Tuning The JVM – Is It Still As Critical?
CFWhisperer: ColdFusion 10 Enhanced Performance Settings
Adobe Forums: CF10 with Java 8
StackOverflow: PermGen elimination in JDK 8
Google Groups: Any recommendation for CF11 JVM settings for a server containing mura?

Java 1.8
Removed in this version(Remember to remove from your JVM Config if you had imported it from a system that had used 1.7 or when directly upgrading the JVM.): PermSize and MaxPermSize
Adobe Forums: CF10 with Java 8

wsconfig tool:

ColdFusion 9
server configuration: cf_root/runtime/bin
?? C:\ColdFusion9\cfusion\runtime\bin ??
multiserver configuration:  jrun_root/bin


ColdFusion 11
server configuration: cf_root/runtime/bin
multiserver configuration:  jrun_root/bin
Tuning ColdFusion 10 IIS Connector configuration — Adobe ColdFusion Blog

ColdFusion 11 IIS Connector Tuning — Adobe ColdFusion Blog

Java Keystores:

CertMan: “A Coldfusion Administrator Extension that allows adding/viewing/removing of SSL certificates in the Java certificate store from within the Administrator.” Validated on “CFMX7/CF8/CF9/CF10” and worked on CF11 in my experience, ymmv.

ColdFusion defaulted JVM Keystore Pass and flag:

-storepass changeit




hosts file Windows OS:


Internal IP Address:

RDNS for such an IP: record 1



Which file extensions does CloudFlare cache for static content? – CloudFlare Support


External Awesome:

SSL Links:

Qualys SSL Labs -> SSL Server Test
Requires a domain name in order to run a test.
SSL Shopper -> The Most Common OpenSSL Commands
DigiCert SSL Certificate Checkier

You can scan other ports for https configurations.


Recursive SPF lookup (does have about an hour cache to it iirc).
Global DNS Propagation Checker – URL Mapping and cross domains links.

ASDM Port Syntax:

Google Search Operators:
Search Operators


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