X the Eliminator Costume

As promised, see below:

Here are pictured of my X the Eliminator costume. I wore this to work. Hopefully I will be winning the contest as only 12 others came in costume. This character is seen on Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, which aired on Adult Swim.





5 responses to “X the Eliminator Costume”

  1. Michael Ouweleen Avatar
    Michael Ouweleen

    That is complete beauty. X would be proud.

  2. Xfan Avatar

    hey was just wonderin im planning going as x with my friends to a halloween ball and i need to kno the matterals that u used to make this costume

  3. feonix83 Avatar

    Honestly, I took a picture of the cartoon character I printed up and went to a fabric store and just kept looking until I found something close. The chest plate was a fabric covered piece of foam, with a red lid X’ed with electrical tape. Hope that helps.

  4. Xisbest Avatar

    I’ve been looking forever, where in the hell did you find dark pink pants to fit a plus size man

    1. feonix83 Avatar

      Hand made with help from Grandma! Also, she helped me sew the entire costume, and once done tells me she hates sewing but was happy to help me out. I was left with an odd feeling.

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