Using Cyberduck Version 4.2.1 (9350) with an SSL Connection to FileZilla Server 0.9.37 beta

So, I have a default (mostly) install of FileZilla Server:



I can connect just fine using FileZilla Client, but not Cyberduck (originally on a Mac, but I replicated the issue on Windows).

I kept getting this error:

Very useful, obviously, the log on the server only shows this:

(000098)1/7/2013 15:49:37 PM – (not logged in) (> Connected, sending welcome message…
(000098)1/7/2013 15:49:37 PM – (not logged in) (> disconnected.

My setup was straight forward, for FileZilla:

Host: [remove here in this post]

Port: 990

Protocol: FTP

Encryption: Require implicit FTP over TLS

Username: [remove here in this post]

Password: [remove here in this post]

This works, no problem, none.  I then imported this site into Cyberduck, and can no longer connect.  After messing with settings, I come to find out that for this to work, I had to set the port to 21.  That’s it as far as I can tell.  Below is a screen shot of the settings screen that worked (outside of obviously changed details).  Weird, this is more of a note in case I run into this again.






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