Spam Email Subjects Than Made Me Laugh

Hilarious email subjects found in spam messages!! So, I think this is going to be a post I update from time to time.

If you had a gold fish, you would ask for a bigger instrument.
Big penis:like a:girl!
Your male-pounder won’t fall!
Hoisters for your pork-lever
Three girls? Or 4? It is not a limit for a man with a pack of this male vitamin.
You can get much bigger pecker hustings nerveless
Make your boner so iron in could pierce a hole in ceiling.
Want your babe to moan loud? Take this pilulle and be proud!
Give your rocket more TNT
You’ll call it Peter the Great fortelage overanxiety
Smart approach to arousal problems objurgate riddled
Make your main part bigger gradation wassail
Your woman will like your hose hustings enchantment
Keep your love gun high
Give your action this strength and girls will bend their knees.
She’ll get sweaty when you enter the room because she has tested your amazing organ.
She’ll spread legs if you’ll get bigger
She wants you huge python in her now!
Energize your baby-maker
Say Hi! to your new huge pole
You can’t influence your manhood’s firmness. But we know the thing that can!
Your huge staying device won’t leave any free space in her hole.
Good medical chest for your car
Enjoy the delicious taste of having a monster in your pants.
You got an album with Lady Porn !
You can be ugly and stupid as long as your shaft is big.
COCKZILLA is the word






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