PlayStation 2 Virtual Reality Headset

I found all too little information on the PlayStation 2 Virtual Reality Headset and was even told in 2004 or 2003 by a Sony representative that what I had seen and read about in magazines was a prototype, and that it was never actually for sale.   Within 10 minutes I found it for sale on the Japan Sony Website.   Here is all or most of the info I could track down:



  • Head Mount Display: Sony
  • Release Date 26/09/2002
  • Part No. PUD-J5A
  • Price (without tax) 59,800 yen
  • PlayStation points 1,794 pts.
  • Players 1 One

Head Mount Display
If Head Mount Display software, to move in all directions horizontally and vertically on the head can realize the virtual image of the world! Display is only for yourself and enjoy games and movies.   HT(DVD) HT software (game or DVD, etc.) can be used in conjunction with, and feels that enters into the picture space in all directions, the item propose a new way of creating a sound and visual entertainment world .

HT(Head-action Tracker ) HT (Head-action Tracker Head Mount Display).
You can experience the virtual image space in all directions horizontally and vertically by moving the head.
HT3D Note HT software and other 3D work and video will not work.

42(:2m) 42-worth of standard screen support (virtual visual range: approx 2m).
achieve a hard-edged sound and video.
Hold high style headphones ‘OBAHEDDOTAIPU’ achieve a comfortable wear.

More information
[Description] PUD-J5A Model for the PUD-J5A
Head Mount Display format
LCD 0.44/18×2 LCD 0.44-/ about 18 million pixels × 2
25 42( 2m) Horizontal angle of about 25 degrees virtual screen size equivalent to 42 inches (virtual visual distance of about 2m)
· AV IN() Input pin style style overhead type headphones attached form an open-air type headphones display AV IN terminal (stereo mini jack for setting special)
· S-VIDEO(S) S-VIDEO (S video input) output terminal
· HT(“2″USB) HT power supply via the terminal ( “PlayStation 2″ in the body only when connected to the USB terminal)
· AC 1.5W AC power consumption of about 1.5W Power Adapters
· :340g Body Weight: 340g
· :80g Interface Box: About 80g
· :200×100×250mm()(××) Maximum body dimensions: approximately 200 × 100 × 250mm (when folding) (width × height × depth)
· :70×20×110mm(××) Interface Box: about 70 × 20 × 110mm (width × height × depth)
· AC×1 Accessories AC Power Adapter × 1
· AV(×3)×1 AV cable (special SUTEREOMINIPURAGU pin plug × 3) × 1
· ()×3 Plug Adapter (Jack-pin pin jack) × 3
· HT×1 HT cable × 1
· ×4() Cushion × 4 (for the interface box)
1: 1: Depending on how the software is also unable to visit all directions of the virtual space.
2:(Head-action Tracker): 2: HEDDOAKUSHONTORAKKA (Head-action Tracker) function: to reflect the image sensor to detect movement of the side of the head. 3: HT”2” This user is an all-round view over the virtual image space 3: HT function unit and “PlayStation 2” Please use only in connection with. “2” “PlayStation 2” is connected to other devices, the operation can not be guaranteed.

SONY’s PS2 launch and matching head-mounted liquid crystal display

[Industry News] [Read Trips
2002年09月11日16:19 At 16:19 on September 11, 2002
[文章简介] [Profile] Articles
SONY Corporation in order to cope with the recent Japanese PS2 sales, but also launched a head-mounted display glasses: PUD-J5A, expected to be available September 26, it is estimated cost about ¥ 59,800, equivalent to RMB … (recommended) (201 words)

SONY Corporation in order to cope with the recent Japanese PS2 sales, but also launched a head-mounted display glasses: PUD-J5A, expected to be available September 26, it is estimated cost about ¥ 59,800, equivalent to RMB 4,000 yuan.

PUD-J5A has two 0.44-inch 827 × 228. Resolution of about 18 million pixels of the LCD Head Mounted Display, sight distance 2m, dimension 200 × 250 × 100mm (width × depth × height), weight is about 340g.


JHMCS (queuing system integrated helmet attached).  HUD real image projected on the visor of the helmet system that some of view can be found here.
What happened and what it means, PDAF (Pontsuku Hall Air Force) is finally introduced!   SONY made a wish HMD, [PUD-J5A] Yafuoku to get!

Click photo is a little larger.


This HMD is about features they Heddoakushontorakka, things that you use omni-directional view of the corresponding game.   Immediately “Eimusutoraiku Enajieafosu!” Give it to.

Actual JHMCS will also introduce the F-35 flight. Front cockpit.

Turn left and head

Arrow to lock the enemy planes at an angle like this.

Fox 2!

Literally, we Sidewinder rushing over sideways.

While desperately trying to avoid releasing flares Tu-160.

One splash!

AIM-9X can now finally proved the ability to bore off site.   And F-35 and very easy to overlook when around the vertical landing.  “Eimusutoraiku Enajieafosu!” Some time to play again. …… “Earodanshingu 4” Naa it was very, very easy for photography … but if someone would correspond

This HMD, a promise is 2m away and the screen 42 is equivalent to the type, quality minutes, so there is a limit to the pixel in the LCD will be less rough course.  And difficult to read small letters. Than expected but quality was good.    It seems to work Heddoakushontorakka, Ito Tetsu so this is no longer move his head like crazy, sometimes reset button (with the headphones are left), there is a pressing need.
The other five were released but only Pureisuteshondottokomu years ago, was quite expensive (¥ 59,800) take the next step should be the ones who want to buy it abuses.   In fact, almost出Nakatta corresponding games.  Today is quite difficult to obtain.  Sometimes that comes out to check the Yafuoku.






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