Non Standard Email Headers Key

Non Standard Headers Key:

Header Name System that added it
X-pstn* Postini
X-SmarterMail* SmarterMail
X-NAS* Norton Anti-Spam
X-MSMail* Microsoft Outlook
X-Barracuda* Barracuda Filtering Server
X-TM-AS* ScanMail™ Suite for Microsoft™ Exchange
X-AOL* America On Line (AOL)
X-Antivirus* Avast!
X-MD* MDaemon® Email Server
X-AntiAbuse* Exim and sometimes PHP mail scripts
X-YMail* Yahoo Mail
x-job* ExactTarget Email Marketing
X-PCTools* PC Tools Mime Parser
X-Mail-Filter-Gateway* MailScanner
X-IMSS* Trend Micro InterScan™ Messaging Security Suite
X-Facebook* Facebook
X-IronPort* Cisco IronPort Email Security Services
X-dmid* dotMailer®

This is just a point of reference, as I hate to Google them. If you add ones to add, let me know. I am purposefully excluding mailer, priority, and mimeole.






2 responses to “Non Standard Email Headers Key”

  1. baoquockiem Avatar

    Dear Sir,
    why I entering IP or the Latitude and Longitude only have 2 numbers, like 39; -97 (there no decimal). But all other go right, including 6 numbers, like when entering IP, it has right thing (there decimal)
    Could you tell me why ? That hurt me so much !!!!

    1. feonix83 Avatar

      The database backend is updated once every 3 -4 months. I can only assume the 2 IP’s are from the same ISP, and that there is not additional decimal places. Not all locations require them, as they would just have zero’s in those places.

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