Moving an SSL Certificate Between Hosts Securely

How does one move an SSL Certificate between web hosts securely? Well, you want the certificate exported from the source server. If you have direct access, you can do this yourself, otherwise I would CALL the Source Provider. Supply them a randomly generated password, you can have them generate a password for you. This password should NOT be emailed to you if at all possible. The password should be used to secure the SSL certificate. Have the certificate exported as a PFX, this is a common format that includes almost everything you could need for the SSL, outside of intermediate certificates. The password secured PFX can then be emailed, and it can then be provided to the destination host. Supply them the password used over the phone, or if you have direct access you can import the PFX using the password. I will be adding articles for exporting and importing certificates. I will soon be securing the SSL specific scripts on this site to be accessible ONLY when reached securely. Oh how nice that will be.






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