Miva Conference 2008

To all of you that do not know, this past week, Dave Malone and I was in San Diego at the Miva Conference. It started on Thursday Feb 28th with signing in and a Cocktail reception/Mixer. Then on Friday Dave and I went to the Blue Pearl which was on the Hotel grounds for breakfast. We then headed over to the conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the Keynote addresses. The sessions on day one were pretty good, unfortunately the one on using css with MM 5.5 was booked. I ended up in the PCI compliance class. Then Dave and I both got to go to the MM 5.5 with Dreamweaver and skins. This was a fantastic class as it showed off one of the most anticipated features of the new version. Dinner was supplied at the conference. We sat with Baron Bob and Dave from Miva. Dinner was slow coming out but tasty. Then on Saturday there were a few other classes. I liked the Optimizing Miva Merchant 5 (and 5.5) class but felt it was not exactly what it sounded like. The Insider’s guide to customizing your MM5 store: Store Morph simplified class was not very applicable to me, but gave me good material to supply to our customers. I liked the fact that during the final Q&A with the owners we could ask them anything. I was glad that Rick knew me by name by the end of the conference. Below you will find 4 slideshows. The first is Miva Conference specific, the second, San Diego in general, including our walk to/from the hotel to the conference. The third slideshow is the Travel to and from San Diego, including Barney from Stone Edge.  The Fourth Slideshow are items we brought back.  On a final note, the conference strengthened our faith in Miva Merchant and their future in the business. We look forward to seeing what they have to offer and will continue to come out with.

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