If you are not bettering yourself

If you’re not bettering yourself,
you’re worse off than you could have been!

I once reasoned that person A, having a question, cannot be upset nor hold any negativity to person B for person B not answering said question if person A fails to ask the question. This was a stark realization that in order to ensure happiness, I must be active in my life.

Just an inspirational word!

The power of believing:


Remember, as long as you believe you can not, you are correct!

Elephant Ropes
Baby elephants are trained by being chained to a post. They’ll fight with all their will to break free. Day in and day out they’ll try, but eventually they just give up. When the baby elephants become adults they no longer need chains to be tied in place; just a thin rope will do.

Of course an adult elephant is perfectly capable of breaking the rope, but since its experiences as a baby have convinced it can’t break the rope, it never tries. This is how circus trainers keep elephants in captivity.

Lose weight by being active:


Can NOT just blame your genes:


Does a Bad Day exist?


Perception and choice can do a lot:


The difference between the lower classes and upper classes:
Upper classes believe they can, then do.  There is NO CEILING.





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