I had almost forgotten

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you experience a feeling/sensation that you had all but forgotten had existed.   I did.  Just this morning I hit a point of the most heartfelt happiness.  Like a long lost love and joy.  For that moment, I felt happy and whole.  After turning around in the dream to help pack, I am pulled out by the phone ringing.  As I awake, I can still feel the happiness from the dream, but as time goes on, the emotion changes . I feel angry for losing the feeling, then sad, and finally complacent and hopeful to feel it again in my life and not in a dream.  It is this hope that keeps me motivated in my personal life.  I need to remember not to be easily discouraged and to continue to try for things that are indeed worth it.  Also, the image above, is what fell off my shelf and I awoke with it next to my hand this morning.   Random indeed.






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