How to Install and Configure cPanel


1 Run the following command to check if Apache, PHP, MySQL, Bind or Cyrus are pre-installed by the OS:

rpm -qa | egrep '(http)|(php)|(cyrus)|(mysql)|(bind-utils)'

2 If any are installed they can cause issues with installing cPanel, although I have seen cPanel attempt to import settings. I would rather remove them:

yum remove http*
yum remove php*
yum remove mysql*
yum remove bind-utils*

3 Open the /home directory

cd /home

4 Fetch the latest installation file from the cPanel servers

wget -N

::NOTE:: If you want to install the STABLE release, further details found here, as apposed to latest, run the following command:

>echo "CPANEL=stable" > /etc/cpupdate.conf

5 Run the installation files

sh latest

Once done, it is time to configure this bad boy!


*As seen in

1 Touch this file to tell cPanel it is being automatically setup.

touch /etc/.whostmgrft

2 Configure the 3 main services for the server.

/scripts/setupmailserver dovecot
/scripts/setupnameserver disabled
/scripts/setupftpserver pure-ftpd

3 Replace the following strings [Server’s Main IP], [], [Servers FQDN Hostname], [hostname 1], [hostname 2], [hostname 3] with their appropriate values.

::NOTE:: Keep in mind this should be ONE line once you have updated the string below.

echo -e 'ADDR [Server's Main IP]\nCONTACTEMAIL []\nCONTACTPAGER\nDEFMOD x3\nETHDEV eth0\nFTPTYPE pureftp\nHOMEDIR /home\nHOMEMATCH home\nHOST [Servers FQDN Hostname]\nLOGSTYLE combined\nMINUID\nNS [hostname 1]\nNS2 [hostname 2]\nNS3 [hostname 3]\nNS4\nNSTTL 86400\nSCRIPTALIAS y\nTTL 14400' > /etc/wwwacct.conf






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