Friday the 13th.

Today on the way to work, I am coming up to a bridge. In the distance towards the base of the bridge I see 2 cars. I then look to the right shoulder and see what looks like an unmarked cop car behind a tree and bushes. I keep looking at it and see that it is a cop car. I then looked forward to realize the cars I thought I saw ahead of me were 2 motorcycles, one in each lane, perpendicular to the way i was driving, with 2 cops in front. I slam on my brakes, coming to a stop less than 20 feet from the cycles, not to mention the cops in front of them. I saw them jump. They were not happy and yelled at me to pay attention. Also something about them taking me in. They said the bridge is closed and to use SR 1 Bridge. I turned around and got on Rt 1. With my hands shaking I call work to tell them I will be late. Not fun, not fun at all.

Oh and by the way, there were no lights to indicate the road closed.  Just to motorcycles with 2 cops in front of them.






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