Dynapep, the strongest energy drink I ever had.

And it tastes like, umm, Hot garbage. I have actually had others agree with me on this. Hot… Garbage… But it does make me more awake then I have ever wanted to be in my life. Have at it!






5 responses to “Dynapep, the strongest energy drink I ever had.”

  1. George Shifflett Avatar

    Love it!!!

    Taste is really not all that bad. Considering what other energy shots tasted like and never even gave me a kick whatsoever!!!

    At least Dynapep does the job!

    It Rocks!!!

    DynaPep keeps me going at work. I also like to take a shot right before guitar practice.

    Highly recommend it to anyone wanting & needing a legal pick-me-up!!!

  2. Benmark Avatar

    Yeah… It’s a little bitter, but not terrible.

    But honestly, it makes my face tingle and I feel like I’m floating outside of my body. It’s awesome.

  3. Petra Avatar

    I love DynaPep. I always take it when I have to stay late and work. Keeps me awake and my focus is right on.

  4. feonix83 Avatar

    In all honesty, I swear they changed the ingredients in it. I remember it being stronger, and longer lasting. Now, I just taste caffeine. Lot’s and lots of caffeine.

  5. Stan Avatar

    DynaPep is awesome. The best energy drink ever. It really works, gives you an enormous amount of energy that lasts for hours. I recommend DynaPep to anyone.

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