2 Years AND I got a prescription today.

Today marks the two year anniversary of my relationship with Ghie. I love her with all of my heart and do not feel worthy of a love so pure and unwavering. I also got a prescription today, I am VERY excited to get this prescription!  Actually, it is two prescriptions, I picked one up on lunch, but the other is mail order.  I hope to have it by weeks end.  I am looking forward to a lifetime of love and happiness with my mahal ko.


I want to make further mention as to my girlfriend.  I have never seen someone so full of love.  She has gladly stuck by me even as I have changed and grown.  She has assured me that no mater how I look on the outside, that she will always love me for who I am on the inside.  I feel very blessed to share my life and love with her.  I am hers, forevermore.


PS:  DOMA, you will come down!  [maniacal laugh goes here]






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