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Running ColdFusion as A Separate User

Posted by Rose Bush on January 28th, 2016

ColdFusion needs to be limited, or in certain cased, granted more access, in the case of NAS shares, etc.


Way too open, give the user full control of:

“WebDocument Directory
c:\cfusion or c:\cfusionmx (and all subdirectories)

Okay, web root seems fine, the ColdFusion install directory seems fine. My OS installation folder, is not fine by me.

The first two give me a majority of what is needed, with few asides for other softwares:

Accounting for Fusion Reactor:

I did find another person talking about the matter:

But they include ripping out existing permissions.



Spoke to a coworker, the idea to add the ColdFusion user to the IIS_Users group which would inherently add permissions to the web locations.  Clean and direct, I like it.

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