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Installing ColdFusion 11 Under cPanel

Posted by Rose Bush on November 3rd, 2015

First, you need your installation defaults, find the installer.properties example below:

With this file, you can install ColdFusion 11 with the following:

The output in the log file should look something like this:

Chown the CFIDE:

Backup your license.properties:

Add the service:

If the above does not exist, and well hey, it didn’t for me, I did write another article with the file needed.  Check that Article out.


sconfig wants the “real” hostname or the connector won’t install.

Turn the listen flag to false in the license.propterties:

Start ColdFusion:

Perform the wsconfig:

In my example, I happened to run the command twice, with varied setups.  I am documenting them both and will clean up at next install:

After the above, my CF11Installer.log added the following:

Performing the wsconfig generated the file I needed to move forward, /usr/local/apache/conf/mod_jk.conf to which the contents are below:

I then distilled the changes to ensure cPanel was copacetic with them, regenerated the conf and restarted apache:

During the last step, I did open for editing /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf twice and /usr/local/apache/conf/mod_jk.conf once before distilling and restarting again.


Edit the neo-security.xml and throw in some good defaults.

set rds.security.usesinglerdsp to false

set allowconcurrentadminlogin to false

set admin.userid.required to true

set allowedAdminIPList to and an any others of importance

set secureprofile.enabled to true


The admin.userid.root.salt string may need to be updated, idk.

Restart the CF’s

/opt/coldfusion11/cfusion/bin/coldfusion stop
/opt/coldfusion11/cfusion/bin/coldfusion start

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