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  • Exporting/Importing (Migrating) All Non System MSSQL Databases

    I want all DB’s moved, from SQL Server/Instance A to SQL Server/Instance B.  The easiest way to do this of course, is scripted :D.  Oh how I love the idea of automation. Generate export script: use master GO select ‘ BACKUP DATABASE [‘ + [name] + ‘] TO DISK = N”C:\RESTORE\PATH\’ + [name] + ‘.bak”…

  • Migrating MySQL Users Between Servers

    I want a ONE liner to migrating MySQL users between servers. We know that migrating databases is easy enough using mysqldump, but migrating users from one MySQL instance or server to separate one can be annoying. Based on well known export commands, here is a neat little piped set of commands that you can run…

  • MySQL to MySQL move of data!

    Sometimes you want to move a database between hosts, this is an easy way to cut down on the clutter created in the process, is to output the backup directly to the new host. mysqldump -uExapmleUser -pExapmlePass -hExapmleHostNameOrIp ExapmleDatabaseName | mysql -uExapmleUser -pExapmlePass -hExapmleHostNameOrIp ExapmleDatabaseName