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Posted by Rose Bush on February 22nd, 2009

I am rebuilding my site and restructuring my tools. This page is far from where it was, but this is now a work in progress.

email Email Header Analyzer -> Breakout headers for readability.


PFX Generator->Generate PFX from valid Cert Key files

PFX Splitter->PFX (+ password) = CERT + Key

PHP Whois->Uses PHPWhois Class to perform lookups.

.htpasswd Content Generator->Gives content of an .htpasswd file.

8 Responses to “My Tools Page”

  1. SGHh

    make that cer available for more time

  2. feonix83

    I might be able to do that. To be honest, there is no file storage between page loads. Which tool did you use?

  3. liani

    can you explain what the blacklists are, how do you report to them and can you get information about the offending IP address from them?

  4. feonix83

    Essentially you would have to contact the Blacklist owner themselves. I assume you found the blacklist via my email header analyzer. If you go to my IP Address Information script with the IP you checked, it will give you a link to the site for the given blacklist, and show you all the blacklists I do check that the IP did not come up on.

  5. Mucho Gusto!

    Thanks for the header analysis tool. Accurate and more detail than others I’ve seen.
    Mucho Gusto!

  6. feonix83

    Thank you very much, I have put a lot of time into it. I hope one day to outrank similar scripts in Google.

  7. Kay

    Great set of tools, you can tell that you’ve put some time in putting together this list. Thanks!

  8. feonix83

    Thank you soo much. I am glad to see others appreciate the set. If you have any feature requests, I am open to them.

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