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KeePass for Web, ssh, MSTSC (RDP), ftp, sftp, and WinSCP

Posted by Rose Bush on January 26th, 2016

KeePass and You, Scheming the PC

KeePass (Professional Edition, I am using the 2 version Portable Package) is a phenomenal tool, that can save you insurmountable amounts of time if configured well.  I have taken the time to use it for numerous schemes and desktop environments to have it work best for me.  Find my learned results below:


Web (http and https schemes)

Chrome Browser Integration

Url in title

Firefox browser Integration



URL Overrides

The following section shows many helpful setups.  In order to add a URL override in KeePass 2, click on Tools -> Options and navigate to the Integration Tab.  Click on URL Overrides… to bring up the following screen:


As you can see, all of the below mentioned are shown in my configuration.  To use any override that calls a non browser application, highlight the entry and press Ctrl + U to initiate it.


putty.exe (ssh scheme)

Add putty.exe to system path

“To the Control Panel System tab then. In the Control Panel, System Properties, select the Environment Variables button at the bottom: and then select Path in the System Variables section, and press the Edit button. This set the path variables to include the PuTTY program directory in the search path.”  In some cases, it may be System, then Advanced system settings.  Environment Variables.  In mine I have:

C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\

added making sure to delimit with semicolons and not end with a semicolon.  This does require a re login, so either logout/login or reboot for this to take effect.

URL Override


MSTSC (rdp scheme)

URL Override

Once the URL Override is added, from within KeePass highlight the entry and press Ctrl + U to automatically launch RDC with these credentials.  The credentials are then removed from your system and kept secure in KeePass.

FileZilla (ftp, ftps, and sftp schemes)

(Identical, yes)


WinSCP (scp scheme)


General Usage


Getting Favicons when Favicon Downloader fails to

I find in some cases, that this fails to work, using the Download Favicons option.  Usually due to the icon not being on the same site, or not actually linked in the way one would expect. These are of course web specific.  You can change the URL in the entry to a URL where the icon does show, and pull the icon, change the URL back once done to get it.  After that, try www.google.com/s2/favicons such as:


For pulling icons out of files, and for making them from screen shots, you can use this handy tool:

LiquidIcon [Download link] Virus Total Review of said file [downloaded then uploaded/linked directly]

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