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If you are not bettering yourself

Posted by Rose Bush on July 8th, 2013

If you’re not bettering yourself,
you’re worse off than you could have been!

I once reasoned that person A, having a question, cannot be upset nor hold any negativity to person B for person B not answering said question if person A fails to ask the question. This was a stark realization that in order to ensure happiness, I must be active in my life.

Just an inspirational word!

The power of believing:


Remember, as long as you believe you can not, you are correct!

Elephant Ropes
Baby elephants are trained by being chained to a post. They’ll fight with all their will to break free. Day in and day out they’ll try, but eventually they just give up. When the baby elephants become adults they no longer need chains to be tied in place; just a thin rope will do.

Of course an adult elephant is perfectly capable of breaking the rope, but since its experiences as a baby have convinced it can’t break the rope, it never tries. This is how circus trainers keep elephants in captivity.

Lose weight by being active:


Can NOT just blame your genes:


Does a Bad Day exist?


Perception and choice can do a lot:


The difference between the lower classes and upper classes:
Upper classes believe they can, then do.  There is NO CEILING.

Site Issues

Posted by Rose Bush on January 24th, 2013

To all of my readers, as few of you as there may be, I am clearly re working many facets of my site in order to realign it with its intended purpose. I am correcting core underlying issues that have gone unmaintained for too long. Items to expect in the future from this, less buggy interface for all sections generated. SSL Support across the entire site. Better image handling in posts. Improved SEO tags for better rankings. And some day, I hope to obtain the domain rosebush.com, although the owner has not been responsive to the 1 email I have sent them so far. I will need to try again.

Energy Drink Collection

Posted by Rose Bush on January 21st, 2013




I had collected the above drinks, and more at other times, but the above was what had survived (initially).  After a basement water issue, they were pulled out, cleaned and placed as you see here.  As I had too many ‘collections’, this being one of my lesser appreciated ones, I got rid of most of them, keeping less than 5 for myself.  If you wanted the collection, I feel bad for you, I couldn’t find anyone to take them after trying for about a month through various avenues.

Rose Rates: Extra Dessert Delights Gum

Posted by Rose Bush on December 31st, 2012

I recently have been made aware of Extra’s new line of gums called Dessert Delights.  I have been quite impressed with all of the flavors I have tried thus far:
Extra Dessert Delights Gum Lemon Square Root Beer Float Mint Chocolae Chip Key Lime Pie Strawberry Shortcake Orange Creme Pop

I was a little surprised to find that one of the flavors I had recently purchased as ‘NEW’ expired the month before I purchased it:
Extra Dessert Delights Gum Key Lime Pie Expired New

As of today, the website shows a different list than I have here, and does not include two of the flavors I have found:
Extra Dessert Delights


For the variety as a whole, I rate this 3/3.  This gum gets the Rose Bush seal of approval.

A Fire Massage

Posted by Rose Bush on December 21st, 2012

In the following video, I get my second fire massage. They feel amazing, to me. I have had friends go through them and enjoy them as well as others that say it is too painful for them. A friend of a friend once asked for them to ‘make it hurt’ and came away with what they asked for.


2012 Edge Web Hosting Holiday Party

Posted by Rose Bush on December 17th, 2012

I was fortunate to attend the Edge Web Hosting holiday party (2012) this year.  We had it at Fogo de Chão in Baltimore.  This was my first time at the restaurant   I highly recommend it.  The food was fantastic as were the drinks.


As you can see I was only able to remember to get a few pictures.  If more come my way, I will post them.  On a side note, when I have pictures like this, I think of those that helped me get to this point.  Leigha, You helped me become comfortable with makeup. I seem to be doing okay since you showed me how just a year ago. Jenn, the dress is so beautiful, and I feel great in it. Claire, the shoes and fishnets, you gave me enough courage to wear these in public. Claire, you also gave me a reason to stick with the name change. I would not have been Rose since day 2 had it not been for you.

Tyco Notebook Games

Posted by Rose Bush on December 7th, 2012

Tyco Notebook Games

I went looking for these after not having a clue of the name, found a post that led me to one image, and used it to find the other images (Thank you eBay).  Sadly, I don’t have the 60$ to burn on obtaining them, me thinks.  Well, I will know within two days when the auction ends.  I would much prefer to obtain the flash attachment for the View Master Personal Stereo Camera, in box!


Spam Email Subjects Than Made Me Laugh

Posted by Rose Bush on November 13th, 2012

Hilarious email subjects found in spam messages!! So, I think this is going to be a post I update from time to time.

If you had a gold fish, you would ask for a bigger instrument.
Big penis:like a:girl!
Your male-pounder won’t fall!
Hoisters for your pork-lever
Three girls? Or 4? It is not a limit for a man with a pack of this male vitamin.
You can get much bigger pecker hustings nerveless
Make your boner so iron in could pierce a hole in ceiling.
Want your babe to moan loud? Take this pilulle and be proud!
Give your rocket more TNT
You’ll call it Peter the Great fortelage overanxiety
Smart approach to arousal problems objurgate riddled
Make your main part bigger gradation wassail
Your woman will like your hose hustings enchantment
Keep your love gun high
Give your action this strength and girls will bend their knees.
She’ll get sweaty when you enter the room because she has tested your amazing organ.
She’ll spread legs if you’ll get bigger
She wants you huge python in her now!
Energize your baby-maker
Say Hi! to your new huge pole
You can’t influence your manhood’s firmness. But we know the thing that can!
Your huge staying device won’t leave any free space in her hole.
Good medical chest for your car
Enjoy the delicious taste of having a monster in your pants.
You got an album with Lady Porn !
You can be ugly and stupid as long as your shaft is big.
COCKZILLA is the word

Skull Ring

Posted by Rose Bush on November 5th, 2012

I have found details on one of my favorite rings, IMAGE

More on the makers can be read here.  The actual company that made the ring here.

Happy Halloween 2012

Posted by Rose Bush on October 31st, 2012


My ‘costume’ is rather plain this year.  A blood choker was all I took the time to go with.  I am still the most dressed up person at work.  Will have to do more next year.  The GF had the idea of Playboy Bunnies for us, which would be fun.

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